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Department of European Studies “Jean Monnet” is a European Didactic Center based in Locarno, Switzerland, created to allow more Italian educational institutions, European and Extra European educational institutions to cooperate with each other by realizing degree courses, master‘s and specialization courses based on didactic activities with a broad European vision and a strong interdisciplinary interaction with a view of creating a real European platform for education.

Department of European Studies “Jean Monnet” is, in fact, the first implementation of the Yerevan Declaration of 2015, in which ministers of the 47 member countries of the European Area of Higher Education and Research enacted by the Bologna Process in 1999, including Italy, Switzerland and Bosnia-Herzegovina, committed themselves to encouraging convergence processes of their higher education systems for the creation of joint study programs that give students and graduates the opportunity to move to the European Space with the recognition of qualifications and periods of study.

Law No. 14 of 10 February 2015, published in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic – General Series – No. 51 of 3 March 2015, ratifies and implements the Cooperation Agreement in the field of Culture, Education and Sport between the Bosnia-Herzegovina and Italy, which establishes the recognition of degrees.

In addition to this regulatory tool, the Department of European Studies “Jean Monnet” has promoted the cooperation agreements of the International University of Gorazde with with Italian, European and Extra – European universities, whose teaching programs of the Bachelors and Master Courses are homogeneous to those realized by the International University of Gorazde, to facilitate the procedures of immediate equivalence.

Department of European Studies “Jean Monnet” therefore embodies an ambitious European goal, within a formative path of undoubted value.


Model basis:

  • the creation of a European platform for education;
  • the number of students scheduled;
  • entry admission test;
  • compulsory attendance;
  • a teaching staff composed of prestigious professors and professionals;
  • an organizational didactics in which more teachers with different skills move in the teaching of the same subject, under the coordination of a chairperson;
  • teaching in English;
  • a tutor service throughout the course of study;
  • seminars and debates on important issues;
  • an orientation service for high school students;
  • a network of international exchanges with European and extra-European educational institutions.


On the northern shore of Lake Maggiore, Switzerland’s hottest city (2,300 hours of sunshine per year) has 16,000 inhabitants, and is well-known for the Film Festival, the second in terms of longevity after Venice.

The heart of the city is Piazza Grande, home to the film festival and other major cultural events such as Moon & Stars, nine days of live pop and rock music with top international guests, the “Festa delle camelie”, the most important European show, second only to the initiatives promoted in the country of the flower, Japan, but also other events that take place throughout the year, such as ” Bande in Piazza” or ” Walking Day Ticino “.

The charming old town is made up of narrow lanes that all converge to Piazza Grande, where the Department of European Studies “Jean Monnet” is located, in the Palazzo delle Poste designed by Livio Vacchini.

Close to Locarno, in a splendid and sunny bay of Lake Maggiore, is Ascona, the town which, with its renowned hotels, is one of Switzerland’s most loved and exclusive tourist destinations.

Every year “JazzAscona” is held, one of the most important jazz events in Switzerland, the only one outside the United States to be sponsored by the authorities of New Orleans.

Piazza Grande 3

6601 Locarno, Switzerland

Tel. 0041 78 66 10 454


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