Dear Students,

The “Jean Monet” Department of European Studies is the ideal place for all those who have at heart the quality of their education and who are thinking seriously about their future and the opportunities it can offer. Here, in Locarno, you will be able to acquire knowledge and skills that will give you the qualifications you will really need for your future career.

We have participated in the creation of study programmes in line with European higher education and scientific research standards, following the evolution of market and professional expectations. In particular, we attach great importance to practice: our students have the opportunity to learn from teachers of renown who possess broad teaching and scientific research experience, as well as the highest professional and practical skills. All the teachers of the Degree and Master’s Courses planned by the partner educational institutions at our Department teach at educational institutions in Europe, America and Asia.

From the very beginning, the “Jean Monnet” Department of European Studies has been engaged in intense scientific and operational research activity thanks to the long-standing international reputations of the staff teaching at our department in the fields of medicine, tourism, and international management. Collaboration with other institutions in Europe, in the United States and Asia has given our department the opportunity to serve local, national and international communities by creating shared paths of growth for human capital, local development, and qualified employment, and as well as system projects.

The ultimate goal of the Department is to become, in the medium term, one of the main educational platforms within the European Space of education and research, with our students at the centre.

That is why we have created, in addition to the Scientific and Technical Committee, a Students’ Committee that evaluates teachers and our organisation every week to identify constant improvements to be made to the work of us all, as well as a Parents’ Committee, which meets at least three times a year to identify, together with our managers, the best solutions for our students.

We wish to create a broad, lively and pro-active community, which can become the heart of the shared growth of our Department.

Best regards,

Prof. Maria Alexandra Stefana Mladoveanu Ghitescu


“Jean Monnet” Department of European Studies – Locarno

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